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Aug. 6th, 2009 @ 04:52 pm

Wild 061 - Nosens - The Final Step

Neoclassical / Ambient / Dark Ambient / Industrial

Free Download [click here]

Tracklist :

01. Novus Ordo Seclurum

02. Nausea

03. XXXIII Degree

04. Blue Beam (Well To Oversee)

05. N.W.O

06. Haarp

Co-released With Lomeanor Netlabel [Russia]

Lomeanor Netlabel:

Lomeanor Website

Lomeanor Myspace

Mar. 28th, 2006 @ 05:32 pm

Early 4AD Bands: The Birthday Party, In Camera, The The/Matt Johnson, Modern English, Rema-Rema, Bauhaus, Sort Sol, The Past Seven Days, Cupol/B.C. Gilbert & G. Lewis, Cocteau Twins, Colourbox, The Wolfgang Press, Dance Chapter, Xmal Deutschland, Drop Dead Festival 3/DDF Year Book, Bohemien, Cocteau Twins, LA Deathrock Street Fashion, Phenomenauts, 1982 Xmal Deutschland interview, The Dancing Did

The Cravats, Rezurex, Deadfly Ensemble, Entertainment, Bohemien, Signal and Report, Zero le Creche, Naked and the Dead, Cinema Strange, Screaming for Emily, All Gone Dead, Black Ice, The Arid Sea, Ipómia, Autonervous, Bell Hollow

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SAVE TEH RADIO! Feb. 6th, 2006 @ 09:51 pm

go. write letters. please. we apparently only have until this wednesday!

and oh please, oh PLEASE pass it on. pass it on like wildfire.

note: i had trouble getting it to work on firefox. if you do too, then--as painful as this sounds--try it on IE. it works for me on there.

this is really truly important to me, and a lot of UE students and former students, not to mention parents, community members, kids who listen to Rated G, etc and so on. if you're not from around here, go ahead and check out the site and read up on it. visit the station's web site at wuev.evansville.edu, get more familiar, and THEN add your support. thanks, it means a lot to us.

other GHF protest information Jan. 9th, 2006 @ 05:17 pm
to re-iterate, the funeral's tomorrow at 11 am.

i heard something about a police protective order for the GHF group, but no word on what exactly is going on or what it means for efforts of a peaceful counter-protest. to complicate things further, i tried to call my brother earlier and apparently his cell phone is not working.

as always, i'm planning on breaking out new info here as soon as i hear it. also, if anyone has information on this protective order i've heard tell about, please comment here with that information.

this was posted on the evansvillescene.com forum earlier today:

----NEWS FLASH-----We're trying to divert attention from the militant hate group--godhatesfags.

Tomorrow, 11AM there will be a walk down Main St. to riverside, then to the four freedoms monument to hold a prayer for the Pfender family, our soldiers,sailors, and the hate group.

If you want to show your support be there or tell everyone you know about it. We'll be carrying a banner---If I have not love, I am nothing.

Please spread the word.

sorry for spamming, but this is worth it. Godhatesfags in Evansville. Jan. 6th, 2006 @ 10:21 pm



posted the following on evansvillescene.com and in my LJ, am reposting here.

as a christian myself, i am really upset and PISSED that these folks dare to claim this name. but it's what they want. they WANT to piss people off, and i for one don't want to give them that satisfaction.

funeral arrangements will be in the sunday courier & press. there have been rumblings in livejournal-land between my brother, a few friends, and myself about the distinct possibility that there will be counter-protest going on. i was personally hoping for a NONVIOLENT thing, inspired by a scene i saw last semester in "the laramie project". this exact same group protested at matthew shepard's grave, and a group dressed as angels (we wouldn't have to copy that too, but i still love their idea) and lined up facing the protestors, forming a silent human barrier between protestors and mourners. no yelling, no picketing, no signs. no aggression or violence of any kind.

i don't know about you all, but to me that is BEAUTIFUL. this is the kind of counter i hope happens, and i hope to participate in. a lot of people on this board don't share my faith, and i'm ok with that. let's not turn this thread into another fruitless religious debate when there's really some opportunity here to unite and make some good out of an infuriating situation.

i'll be watching the paper more, and talking with people, and seeing what's going to come out. there's been talk of prayer vigils to "show what the REAL face of God looks like" and while that's cool, i don't want to exclude my friends, some of whom i know post around here, just because i go to church and you don't. that is, to me, the appeal of this silent-protest idea. if people want to wear NON-AGGRESSIVE/NONVIOLENT slogans on T-shirts, whether religious or not, cool. just keep the stateement to the shirt. and keep the silent vigil. if you don't think you can keep your cool, DON'T GO. plain and simple. we don't want to give these wack-jobs the kind of anger and disorder that they're angling for.

anybody with us, if we decide to pull this thing together and do it?

reply if you're interested! my brother (myspace.com/orpheus42) and i are certainly planning on keeping ya up to date on whatever is planned!

I really should turn off the tv... Nov. 6th, 2005 @ 01:00 pm
*hugs* to everyone

And my condolences to anyone who lost a loved one in today's tragedy

I know we like being dead and all Sep. 15th, 2005 @ 11:00 pm
But this is going a little too far, yknow?
Musical Inspiration: burzum - frijôs einsames trauern

Promo Jul. 25th, 2005 @ 01:02 pm

Click here.

Emotional State: lazylazy
Musical Inspiration: Adema : Giving In

community i've just created (x-posted everywhere) Jul. 7th, 2005 @ 09:45 pm

the focus of this community is on true beauty, what it means, where it's found and the connection between body and spirit. you can contribute ANYTHING having to do with this.

since it's brand-spankin-new, it hasn't really taken off in any direction yet. this is where you guys come in! it's exciting because you can grow it, you can contribute in any way you want, you can define what we talk about and the kind of community it becomes!

please, check it out, read the community info, and join and contribute if you'd like.

Im new! May. 23rd, 2005 @ 01:53 am
Hey everyone. Im new, I guess you can tell. Heh, I didn't even know the gothic-industrial music scene was alive here! Im so glad to see it is. I personally think we need to advertise more for it. Get more venues and cafe shops to play it. *shrugs* just a suggestion.


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Musical Inspiration: The Crüxshadows - Winterborn
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