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About other GHF protest information

Previous Entry other GHF protest information Jan. 9th, 2006 @ 05:17 pm Next Entry
to re-iterate, the funeral's tomorrow at 11 am.

i heard something about a police protective order for the GHF group, but no word on what exactly is going on or what it means for efforts of a peaceful counter-protest. to complicate things further, i tried to call my brother earlier and apparently his cell phone is not working.

as always, i'm planning on breaking out new info here as soon as i hear it. also, if anyone has information on this protective order i've heard tell about, please comment here with that information.

this was posted on the evansvillescene.com forum earlier today:

----NEWS FLASH-----We're trying to divert attention from the militant hate group--godhatesfags.

Tomorrow, 11AM there will be a walk down Main St. to riverside, then to the four freedoms monument to hold a prayer for the Pfender family, our soldiers,sailors, and the hate group.

If you want to show your support be there or tell everyone you know about it. We'll be carrying a banner---If I have not love, I am nothing.

Please spread the word.
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