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SAVE TEH RADIO! - E-ville Goth LJ Group


Previous Entry SAVE TEH RADIO! Feb. 6th, 2006 @ 09:51 pm Next Entry

go. write letters. please. we apparently only have until this wednesday!

and oh please, oh PLEASE pass it on. pass it on like wildfire.

note: i had trouble getting it to work on firefox. if you do too, then--as painful as this sounds--try it on IE. it works for me on there.

this is really truly important to me, and a lot of UE students and former students, not to mention parents, community members, kids who listen to Rated G, etc and so on. if you're not from around here, go ahead and check out the site and read up on it. visit the station's web site at wuev.evansville.edu, get more familiar, and THEN add your support. thanks, it means a lot to us.
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