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E-ville Goth LJ Group

an LJ group for the Evansville Goth-Industrial community

Evansville Goth
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Welcome to our little mad house, I will hope you find yourself at home.

Welcome to Evansville Goth. This is a community dedicated to the gothic industrial types within Southern Indiana.

Being goth is not just a facination with death. It's outcast, usually quite intelligent persons who tend to find old, odd, or strange things interesting. They usually get quite depressed often because they tend to be alone, and not by choice. Whether it be a facination or a smile. It is a very calm lifestyle for the most part. Some not all of the subculture find older things interesting from architecture to weaponry. Some adore the Victorian Era, while some prefer Midievil Period. Some goth's are into certian topics involving an alternate mindset/lifestyles that are usually used as idle overused psuedo topics, alternate religions, or subjects of bad jokes. IE Sadism or Wicca. Often they become the suject of ridicule, and become depressed and feels truely alone. A goth doesn't neccecerily have to wear all black. It's a mindset really. Sometimes the black is just goes along with these feelings and emotions. The big differance between nerds/geekers and goth kids is emotions. Nerds/geeks tend to be more optimistic.

If you are here to argue debate or ridicule our lifestyles, this isn't the community for you. This is our haven, and anything disrupting it will be moderated or deleted.

Again, welcome to our little madhouse.
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